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Music & Sound Design: NIGHTSLINK

"NIGHTSLINK portrays the story of a lone deliveryperson tasked with recording, transporting, and delivering audio cassette tapes to an apartment building inhabited by reclusive and strange individuals. It is clear that something horrible has overtaken this world, and you can sense it getting worse by the day. As the darkness seeps into the liminal spaces of yore, truths will be revealed." - Steam

Release Date: 24 Aug, 2021

Available at Steam and Itch.io


Retro-3D horror adventure for Windows. I did all the music and audio for this project and implemented the assets with FMOD.

Here's a video explaining my sound design approach and inspirations for this project:

Fan-made gameplay video showcasing some sounds in action:

Some examples of the soundtrack:


Main contact: info@valterabreu.com
SÍLENÍ related: sileni@valterabreu.com