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SÍLENÍ is an experimental project that explores very intense and dark atmospheres. Its music can be perceived as a disturbing soundtrack of a bizarre and haunting world.

Labels: Noctivagant Collective, Eighth Tower Records, Cephalopagus Records

First release: 2016

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and more

SÍLENÍ | Bandcamp

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All Heavens Rejoice (2020)
Released by Noctivagant Collective

Long-Forgotten Bowers (2019)
Released by Eighth Tower Records

Thereafter (2018)
Released by Cephalopagus Records

Sílení (2016)
Re-released in 2018 by Cephalopagus Records


Main contact: info@valterabreu.com
SÍLENÍ related: sileni@valterabreu.com